Maxxis Now Offers Some Of Its MTB Tires With E50 E-Bike-Specific Rating

For more than 50 years, the highly regarded Maxxis brand has offered high-performance bicycle tires. The brand provides a large selection of tires for several types of riding, including road, mountain, and BMX. Modern tire designs and cutting-edge technologies from the manufacturer guarantee outstanding grip, speed, and durability, making them a popular option for both professional cyclists and cycling aficionados.

The rising popularity of e-bikes has presented itself as a goldmine for components manufacturers, as the added weight and power of an e-bike gives rise to the need for more durable components. Tires are no exception, and Maxxis, being the industry leader that it is, has innovated with the ever-changing times. With its newest E50-rated tires, it offers e-bike riders a wide selection of choices to better equip their off-road-focused two-wheelers. Maxxis’ popular range of MTB tires consisting of the Assegai, Forekaster, and Minion DHF, and Minion DHRII are now offered with an e-bike specific E50 badge on the sidewall.

Given their remarkable performance and longevity, the Maxxis Assegai, Forekaster, Minion DHF, and Minion DHRII tires are already widely known and highly loved among cyclists. Maxxis has satisfied the standards for ECE-R75 Certification, allowing the business to formally advertise these tires in Europe as being appropriate for e-bikes. This certification guarantees that the tires can support the increased weight and speed of e-bikes, giving bikers the required performance and safety characteristics to handle a variety of terrain.

In a recent article by cycling publication BikeRumor, Maxxis explained, “ECE-375 is a certification given to tires that pass stringent safety regulations due to the increased load, torque and speed of e-bikes, where in Europe they are classified as mopeds and governed by a set of strict guidelines for use up to 31 miles per hour (50 kilometers per hour).” It’s worth noting that in the U.S., e-bike tires don’t require this level of certification, as in general, e-bike rules and regulations are much less strict in the U.S. as compared to Europe.

With regards to pricing and availability, the E50 Maxxis Assegai will be offered in a 29×2.5-inch size retailing for $95 USD (£79.99). It features the Maxx Grip DH casing. Meanwhile, the Forekaster in 29×2.4-inch sizing will be offered for $83 USD (£69.99). Up next, the Minion DHF will be offered for $101 USD (£84.99) in a 20×2.5-inch size. Lastly, the Maxxis Minion DHR II, in 29×2.4-inch sizing will be offered for $101 USD (£84.99). Do note that pricing may vary depending on your local market. 

Sources: BikeRumor, Swiss Cycles

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