M6 toll users to pay up to £4 extra per month within weeks – how to avoid extra charge

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Thousands of drivers who cross the road every day could be affected by the 20p daily increase from 4 December 2020. The rise will apply to mainline plaza booths with a further 10p rise on the ramp for local journeys.

Prices are also set to increase by 30p at weekends in a major blow to many local residents.

The new increase could see regular commuters forced to pay an extra £1 every week to use the toll road.

The increase will push the daily peak rate up to £6.90 midweek and £5.90 on Saturday and Sunday.

However, car owners are set to be the only vehicles to experience any form of price rises on the roads in 2020.

Toll officials have revealed that costs will be maintained at 2019 levels for vans and trucks in a “support measure” for businesses.

Van prices will remain at £11.80 during midweek peak hours with lorries and goods vehicles charged at £12.

Hundreds of car owners could avoid the extra charge by applying for a new M6 FlexiPass which will be made available from early 2021.

The new discount ticket will be available from January and will allow regular users a hefty discount on regular daily rates.

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The new pass will allow holders to pay just £29 for ten journeys starting and ending at the T4, T5 and T6 junction plazas.

Paying the full daily rate on individual fares would see drivers pay £69 for ten journeys meaning the pass works out at £40 cheaper.

Ten journeys would be valid for two whole working weeks meaning commuters will pay just £58 across a typical four week month.

With twenty standard fares priced at £138, the new pass is set to be a game-changer to motorists with savings of up to £80.

The new ticket has been set up to encourage more short, local journeys to reduce congestion on the A5 and A38 from those desperate to dodge the toll.

Drivers can use their Flexi pass ticket at any time of day or day of the week that suits them.

Motorists interested in the new service must register online and speak to a member of staff to reserve one.

Andy Cliffe, Chief executive of the M6 toll said the pass would provide drivers with a “cost-effective” way of using the road.

He said: “We are committed to making the M6toll a stress free and reliable route for all, along with taking huge volumes of traffic from the M6 and the surrounding Midlands road network.

“The new FlexiPass will help to encourage more short, local journeys on the M6toll by providing local road users with a flexible and discounted pricing option and achieve the aim of alleviating congestion on local roads.

“It’s the latest in a suite of products designed to provide drivers with an accessible and cost-effective way of using the M6toll.

“Similarly, the price hold for vans and trucks and other support measures we have in place for businesses are playing their part in helping reduce congestion on local road networks by providing an efficient and viable route for HGV and other commercial operators.”

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