Lamborghini Huracan gets the Liberty Walk treatment

Liberty Walk has been making bodykits for exotic cars for some time now, and it’s latest creation is for those who want their Lamborghini Huracan to look a little more special than others.

The kit is called the Silhouette Works GT, and it includes a new front bumper and splitter, which together with the optional air suspension, bring the car right down to the ground.

Flared wheel arches and skirts are also part of the modification, with those at the front featuring exit louvres, while the vented bonnet is akin to those on racing cars. Unlike other kits, the exposed rivets aren’t seen on the Huracan-specific package for a more seamless look.

However, the most dramatic view is from the rear, where you’ll find a Veneno-esque setup that comprises a large rear wing and accompanying shark fin that originates from the engine cover. Further down, there’s a complex diffuser that helps to showcase the enlarged exhaust pipes.

The company will present its product as this year’s SEMA Show later in November, and has already begun order taking in Japan. Prices start at 3,942,000 yen (RM150,206) for body-coloured finish using fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), while a mixture of the material with dry carbon-fibre will set you back 4,968,000 yen (RM189,301). The kit in fully dry carbon-fibre costs 5,994,000 yen (RM228,396).

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