Kandi Reveals EPA Range/Energy Consumption Numbers For K23, K27

It seems that all Kandi models are really eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

Kandi America has updated its website with specs for the two affordable EVs – Kandi K27 and Kandi K23 – that are coming to the U.S. and now shows EPA estimated range results.

The bigger K23 with 41.4 kWh is now rated at 111 miles (179 km), about 77 miles or 41% less than previously (188 miles). The estimated EPA energy efficiency is not too high though, to be honest:

Similarly, the K27 is rated at 59 miles (95 km), 41 miles or 41% less than previously (100 miles). Energy efficiency is also quite low for such a small vehicle:

While we are waiting for the official rating for the two on the EPA website, four Kandi models (K23, K27 and two additional: EX3 and K22) were officially listed as eligible for the $7,500 of the federal tax credit:

The generous $7,500 incentive is key to making the Kandi EVs affordable:

First deliveries are scheduled for Q4 2020.



Kandi K23 specs:

Kandi K27 specs:

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