June 2019: Plug-In Car Sales In Europe Increase By 24% Led By Model 3

In June the Tesla Model 3 was responsible for almost a quarter of new passenger plug-in car sales in Europe.

The European passenger plug-in car market in June achieved its second-best result ever of close to 47,400 at a growth rate of 24% year-over-year. Market share amounted 3.2%.

It could be better, but currently, PHEVs are in retreat (down 38% year-over-year), which offsets most of the BEV growth (up 98% year-over-year to 34,000 or 73% of all plug-ins)

After six months of 2019, sales increased 34% to over 248,600 at 3.0% market share and BEVs account for two-thirds (66%).

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Europe – June 2019

Most popular models

The end of the quarter, as usual, is the month of volume Tesla deliveries. Because Tesla is the biggest plug-in player in Europe (with 17% share), also European sales surge every three months.

Of course, the top-selling model in June was the Tesla Model 3 (11,604), but the Californian company wasn’t able to match the outstanding March (15,771).

  • Tesla Model 3 – 11,604 (new) and 37,780 YTD
  • Renault ZOE – 4,881 (up 43%) and 24,288 YTD
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 3,580 (up 67%) and 18,982 YTD
  • BMW i3 – 2,520 (up 26%) and 18,982 YTD
  • Volkswagen e-Golf – 2,246 (up 55%) and 12,618 YTD

It’s significant that the Nissan LEAF (2,241 in June and 16,348 YTD), after being the best-selling model in 2018, is now outside the top 5 for the month and fell to 5th for the year, behind the BMW i3. The only hope is the longer-range Nissan LEAF e+ with 62 kWh battery, which should enter sales in the first batch of European markets about now.

Sales in Europe remain higher than in the U.S.:

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