In May 2019 Plug-In EV Car Sales In The Netherlands Tripled

In May, Hyundai Kona Electric was selling better even than the Tesla Model 3, while Kia Niro EV (e-Niro) jumped to 3rd

The Netherlands is currently one of the hottest plug-in electric car market in Europe, especially in terms of growth and market share.

In May, some 2,668 new registrations translated into a growth rate of 193% year-over-year at 7.3% market share. The growth is the fruit of both – BEVs (up 185%) and PHEVs (up 262%!).

After five months, sales already exceed 15,500 and stand at an average of 8.3% market share.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – May 2019

The big surprise for the month of May is first place for the Hyundai Kona Electric, which with 434 new registrations was ahead of the Tesla Model 3 (419). Tesla remains number one for the year and probably will fight back in June when it’s expected another wave of volume deliveries will reach the market.

Great sales results were shown also by the Kia Niro EV (e-Niro) – 369 was enough to jump on the podium for the year.

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