IIT Delhi Students Launch iSafe Assist To Offer Affordable 24×7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

Imagine you are travelling outside the city and your car or motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. It could be really hard to find emergency assistance or even the possibility of reaching a mechanic or towing service. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you have one number to call from any part of the country and get immediate assistance? Well, that was the main intention of the Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC) a non-profit organisation led by students and alumni of IIT Delhi, for coming out with iSafe Assist. A 24×7 pan-India Emergency Roadside Assistance platform, iSafe Assist is an initiative to provide the affordable and fastest roadside assistance, repair services to motorists and make the roads safer for both people and their vehicles.

iSafe Assist is India’s first integrated service providing emergency-care and roadside assistance

iSafe Assist is India’s first integrated service providing emergency-care and roadside assistance on one single platform, and can be availed by calling one single toll-free number from anywhere in India. The platform offers a range of services like – roadside repair, towing service, ambulance, emergency cab service, fuel delivery and flat tyre assistance among others. iSafe Assist offers both dedicated packages as well as on-call services for two-wheelers, cars, small commercial vehicles and commercial vehicles. The emergency roadside assistance annual packages for bikes and scooters are as low as ₹ 240, and for four-wheelers, it’s just ₹ 720. If you do not have a subscription, vehicle owners can simply call the toll-free number for call out service at ₹ 500, while towing service will cost you ₹ 1,200 for up to 25 km.

The platform was also created to offer timely medical assistance to people involved in road accidents. IRSC says, “Many people lose their lives due to poor medical aid provided to them after a road accident. Sometimes people receive no aid whatsoever. To tackle such problems and make sure that people don’t die due to lack of medical aid, iSAFE Assist will also trigger ambulance facilities by connecting with the nearest hospital. To reach out to the nearest hospital via the service you won’t need to buy any package.” The service will be offered free of cost in case of an emergency and can be availed as either an annual package or on-demand service. IRSC claims that this is the cheapest service in India, costing less than ₹ 1 per day for two-wheelers which is exactly the organization’s focus as its students who usually commute via two-wheelers.

iSafe Assist also offers services like women assist and cab assistance

The service is also aimed to be of huge assistance to women drivers, especially travelling during night time, and help them in any problematic situation. IRCS believed that such service will make things easier for women to pursue night duties without any troubles in mind. They work to assist women drivers in any problematic situation. In fact, users can also ask the operator to book a cab to come to the given locations in case the issue is not immediately solvable. This can feature can be availed by both male and female users.

The service was first launched in May this year, at IIT Delhi by officials from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and other associations. Their iSafe Assist team consists of over 6200+ authorized service providers, covering 28 states and 1795 cities, and these services will be provided across all major cities and will be available 24×7 on all 365 days of the year. iSafe Assist has partnered with all the local service providers to offer quick assistance. While the service is currently only available on call, the makers are also working on a mobile application which will be rolled out in the next 1-2 months.

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