If Apple Had Designed Tesla’s Infotainment, It Might Look Like This

Will it ever actually happen?

Before we get caught up in silly Apple Car jokes about it asking for your iTunes password before you set off, nobody has really wondered about what Apple CarPlay could look like on a massive infotainment screen. Thankfully, a recent 9TO5MAC article showcases graphic designer John Calkins who recently stopped wondering and designed his own version of what the user interface could look like.

We’d be remiss not to mention that Apple has been in talks with more than just Tesla – rumor has it that Hyundai could be on the cards as well – and that years ago Tim Cook turned down a meeting about buying Tesla. However, let’s push that aside for now because this is simply a fun experiment dreaming about what experience the Apple infotainment system could offer.

For some perspective, 9TO5MAC mentions that the Model 3 already utilizes a 15-inch touchscreen which is comparable to bringing a MacBook Pro into a car and blending in the required functionalities. As such, the left side of the screen appears to keep the same CarPlay features that existing users will come to expect – along with climate control, lane assist, and other basic vitals – while the right side allows more tactile interaction with the applications.

One of the clear focal points of the large screen is the ability to watch tv shows and movies from the comfort of your own vehicle. We know that Tesla vehicles can already do this, but the pumped-up CarPlay system will also bring the ability to watch Apple TV exclusive shows.

In the meantime, let’s wait and see if the Apple ecosystem will continue expanding into the automotive world. We can’t be certain what the future holds, but it’s clear that this concept is mighty promising.


John Calkins via YouTube, 9TO5MAC

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