Hyundai Kia Builds Nationwide Charging Network In South Korea

Hundred of 350 kW DC fast chargers coming in 20-30 strategic locations.

Hyundai Motor Group (Hyundai and Kia) decided to prepare the ultra-fast charging network for upcoming new models in South Korea.

Through investment of 10 billion won ($8.5 million) Hyundai-Kia intends to install roughly 100 DC fast chargers rated for 350 kW in 20-30 locations.

The South Korean media reports that the network reminds it of Tesla Supercharging, although Hyundai-Kia will keep the chargers open to all other models compatible with the CCS Combo 1 inlet.

The sign of time is reportedly lack of government subsidy for the project, as Hyundai-Kia EV plans matured to a point to pay the full bill.

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