Heat soaked? The autobahn is getting some temporary speed limits

Some formerly unlimited sections of the Autobahn are now restricted because of the intense heat wave hitting Europe. 

The autobahn is one of the most magical places for a speed-addicted car enthusiast — namely, the unlimited section of the road that allows you to legally push your car to the theoretical limit. However, due to a recent heat wave, the German government has placed speed limits on some of the formerly unlimited sections of that road.

According to Bloomberg, sections will be dropped to 62 mph out of fear that high speeds combined with high temperatures could cause the road to fail. The hope is that reducing the speed will keep the road from being damaged, and it’s assumed that when the weather cools down in Germany that the unlimited sections of the road will return.

If you haven’t been getting your German weather forecasts as regularly as you should, you might not even be aware that there’s a heat wave rolling through the country. It’s being reported that the highest June temperature ever recorded in Germany occurred yesterday at a blistering 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you were planning on taking a vacation to Germany this summer, you might want to wait until the weather cools down and you can truly experience the autobahn. With that said, our own Mark Vaughn was just in Germany and reports that the autobahn near Munich is as unlimited as ever. But, as The Local suggests, as this heat wave continues, more sections might become temporarily limited.

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