Furious mum hits out at ‘inconsiderate’ pavement parking

Pavement parking: Blind man reveals the dangers

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A mum from Edinburgh has expressed her fury at pavement parkers after she was pushed off the pavement while pushing a buggy with her child inside. The car was left parked on the side of the pavement just inches away from a recycling bin.

Kirsty, 25, from Gilmerton, Edinburgh said that the issue on Newtoft Street has been ongoing for some time and that matters had been made worse by bins being left out during the current strike.

In a picture shared with Edinburgh Live, a Vauxhall can be seen parked on the narrow kerbside alongside a green recycling bin on August 31.

This made it extremely difficult for Kirsty and her young child in the buggy to pass.

Speaking about the incident Kirsty said: “I was just walking along to the shops when I came across a car and a bin blocking the pavement.

“I tried to get past with the buggy but it was impossible because the wheels didn’t fit through.

“So I had to walk onto the busy road and go around the car just to get back on the pavement again.

“It’s easy saying the bin’s could be in the way but people in the area know bins go out the same day every week.

“So it shouldn’t make a difference to how cars park. The problem with vehicles being left on pavements on the street has been ongoing for some time.

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“Someone who is blind or even a wheelchair user would not get past that as well.”

Councillor Lesley Macinnes, who represents the Gilmerton ward, said she shared sympathy with the young mother.

She added that new legislation that should be introduced in the next couple of years would go a long way to tackling the scourge of pavement parking that impacts so many communities.

She said: “I can well understand her concerns as the pavement at Newtoft Street is very narrow and we often see antisocial parking along that street.

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“This can cause difficulties for parents pushing buggies, those using wheelchairs and those with general mobility issues.

“The new pavement parking ban that is due to come into play in the next couple of years will make a substantial difference in this community as well as elsewhere in the city where they face similar problems.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Edinburgh City Council for comment.

The news comes after another mum was left fuming after a badly parked car forced them to walk out into the road.

Michelle Williams, 59, from Bedworth, was pushing her son Ashley on his wheelchair when they encountered a Mercedes parked on the pavement in Bedworth.

The mum did not have enough room to push Ashley’s wheelchair past the car and was forced to push his chair out into the road to get past.

Ms Williams aired her frustrations in a Facebook post, labelling the driver “inconsiderate” for parking on the pavement.

She wrote: “Makes me so angry, inconsiderate morons parking like this I couldn’t even get by.

“I had to go on the road with Ash it’s totally unacceptable people who do this should be fined.”

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