Fiat Shows Production Line Of The New 500 Electric

Meet the Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy, the largest FCA complex in the world.

Fiat has revealed its highly advanced production line of the New 500 model (electric-only, based on an all-new platform), at the Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy, which with around 20,000 employees is the largest FCA complex in the world.

According to the company, around 1,200 people will be working at the New 500 electric line, making 80,000 units per year at full capacity (that would be on average 6,666 per month)! Depending on demand, there is an option to increase the output to an even higher level.

The company will still produce also the conventional and hybrid Fiat 500 (previous-generation), as long as there will be demand.

The first conventional Fiat 500 was produced in 1957 – “Now, in a symbolic bridge between past and future, the production line for the New 500 electric has been set up here, to continue the long history of innovative models leaving the Turin plant”.

The investment in the plant to make BEVs exceeded €700 million (the costs of design, development and engineering and the construction of the production line).

According to Fiat, the New 500 BEV was created, designed and engineered, fully in-house “a product truly “Made at Fiat” and “Made in Turin””

“We then move on to the ‘Chassis Department’, where the ‘marriage’ between the engine and the underbody takes place. One of the most innovative elements is the assembly of the battery charging cable. While one group of workers assemble the chassis, another group prepares the mechanical components by fitting the wheel assemblies and the controls for the electric motor.

Compared to a conventional vehicle, the main platform of this car includes the battery and the electric motor, consisting of an Electric Drivetrain Module (EDM) and a Power Electric Bay (PEB). Other important components are the electric air heater and compressor. Once the traction system is complete, everything is then ready for it to be put together with the body: the ‘marriage’ is performed automatically.”

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