Ferrari Shows The SF90 Stradale EV Driving Modes: Video

Who could conceive that a Ferrari would ever be front-wheel drive and electric?

Even the most die-hard fans of EVs pay attention to what Ferrari creates. This is especially true of its latest work of art on wheels, the SF90 Stradale. Besides being gorgeous, it is also the first PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicle) the Italian automaker has produced. A car that, in at least one of its modes, the eD (electric Drive), becomes a deadly sin for die-hard fans of Ferrari: a front-wheel-drive EV! Well, Ferrari took the time to produce a video to explain all these modes.

Perhaps the most appealing to most InsideEVs readers is the one we already mentioned. Choose it at the bottom of the eManettino and the SF90 Stradale will run up to 15.5 miles (25 km) solely on the power of its 7.9 kWh battery pack.

Click on the H at the eManettino and you get the hybrid mode, which focuses on maximum energy efficiency. That may sound absurd with a 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 that pumps out 769 hp (780 ps). Imagine each time this monster has to be turned on to recharge the battery pack… 

Conveniently, Ferrari does not mention fuel consumption in any of these modes. Probably because Enzo Ferrari would raise from the dead to beat the hell out of whoever had the idea to make an EV under his beloved badge.

The following modes, Performance and Qualify, keep the V8 always turned on, for maximum performance. But, even with them selected, the electric engines – three of them – assist the Ferrari. If not in saving fuel, at least in achieving the mind-blowing power of 986 hp (1,000 ps).

We would not risk suggesting traditional fans of the Italian brand are happy with the SF90, but some EV fans are surely enamored with it. Maybe not due to emissions, efficiency or rationality, but certainly as a trophy on what they preach: electric cars will rule the market. Step by step. Feel free to make fun of your Tifosi friends if you like.

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