Elderly pensioner issued £110 parking ticket after thieves steal Blue Badge permit

Martin Lewis explains council and private company parking fines

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Ollie Silva, 71, said he had done everything he could to avoid a parking fine from the council after his vehicle was damaged by thugs near Brent, London. The Blue Badge allows Mr Silva to park his vehicle just outside his house on a busy road due to a heart condition.

However, despite losing the badge he kept his car outside his home anyway to keep an eye on it.

He explained his damaged vehicle was only covered by a bin bag due to the damage which had left it in a “vulnerable” condition.

He said: “The whole thing is ludicrous. It’s clear that the car was broken into. And the council doesn’t have anything in place to manage things like this.

“It’s one thing after another. You have to pay to get the window fixed and then they ask you to pay for a parking ticket.

“I’m sure the traffic warden was just doing his job, but the council should be able to see what’s happened here.”

He has blamed the council’s online system which made it difficult to inform the authorities his badge had been stolen.

Instead, Ollie is pushing for a review into the system to install a similar system for normal parking permits.

This runs on an online system where traffic wardens can check details in an instant.

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Ollie said he has since had to purchase a short-term permit on his street as he waits for a replacement badge.

This allows him to stop outside his house for the time being and avoid being issued further penalties.

Mr Silva’s daughter, Donna Luiz, was also angered by the parking charge.

She has vowed to appeal the penalty charge and explained she was “angry” at how the council had dealt with the situation.

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