Driving test lockdown: Learner drivers can pass first time within weeks following six tips

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Demand for driving lessons has soared since lockdown in March with some schools reporting up to double the number of usual enquiries. With thousands desperate to pass first time, Marmalade Insurance and award-winning driving instructor Jeff Tuck have revealed six ways road users can become “test ready” over the next four weeks.

Practice makes perfect

For some learner drivers, simply driving on roads they have never seen before could be the most daunting part.

But it doesn’t have to be with learner drivers urged to ask their instructors which routes are common and practice these roads before the big day arrives.

Mr Tuck said: “While it’s impossible to predict the exact route your examiner is going to ask you to take, your driving instructor should have a good idea based on their previous students.

“Have a discussion with them on the most common routes around the centre and become comfortable driving on them.

“While you’re bound to have nerves while taking your driving test, practicing similar routes to the one you’ll take on the day will only help settle butterflies.”

Use a sat nav

Experts warn that it can take drivers time and patience to become fully accustomed to using a sat nav behind the wheel.

Learner drivers are advised to regularly practice with the device by selecting different destinations to travel to.

Mr Tuck warns that regularly using the tool will ensure drivers are “thinking one step ahead” which may be “the difference” between passing and failing your exam.

Practice manoeuvers

Mr Tuck says that becoming confident with the different stages involved in the driving test could be “crucial” to endure a first-time pass.

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He said that drivers could pass a “tricky aspect” of the test just by understanding the car’s dimensions and how it feels to drive.

Learn the ‘show me, tell me’ questions

Mr Tuck warns that it can be easy for many learner drivers to “neglect” a straightforward part of the test.

However, he warned that revising for the questions is a “must” for anyone due to take a test as this can be an easy area to make simple mistakes.

Mr Tuck adds: “All of the questions that could be asked can be found in the DVSA guide here so be sure to take a look and make sure you’ve got your answers prepared and fresh in your mind.

 “If you want to practice in a more practical sense, write all of the potential questions down on a piece of paper and ask your friend or parent to choose a couple to ask you.

Take a mock test

Learner drivers must familiarise themselves with the driving test process before taking their real exam.

Mr Tuck said: “Your driving habits can easily change over a couple of weeks and certainly over the course of a month so you might find the elements of the test you previously struggled with you’re now able to breeze through.

“Mock tests can be a great way to boost your confidence knowing you’re on track to pass.”

Take a break

Not driving for a week or so can be good for learner drivers to avoid the risks of burnout.

This will help refresh your mind and process important information to ensure learners come back to the wheel even more determined to pass.

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