Drivers warned of frost error as expert urges what never to do when clearing windows

Car hack: De-ice windscreen with unusual trick

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Drivers have been battling the elements over the past few weeks with Storm Arwen and more recently Storm Barra causing havoc on the roads. The extreme weather saw road users dealing with heavy rain, gale force winds, snow and freezing temperatures leading to traffic, transport delays and thousands of homes being left without power.

This week, the Met Office issued multiple yellow weather warnings, encompassing most of the UK, urging people to stay at home and only leave if absolutely necessary.

Millions have woken up to find their cars covered in snow, ice and frost as people have shared different methods to clear frost from their windscreens.

The exhaustive list of methods has included rubbing an onion on the windscreen, mixing toothpaste and water and even using vodka to clear frost.

Drivers could face serious consequences for things which could endanger the safety of the driver and others on the road.

Avoid portholing

Ketih Hawes, Director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts said: “Only clearing ice or frost from part of the windscreen is known as portholing.

“It can lead to up to three points on a driving licence as well as a £60 fine.

“By law, every glass panel must be visible out of and road users must have a clear view of the road from all angles before you set off.”

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Clear snow from the car

While it is not illegal to drive with snow on the roof of the car, it could put others at risk, as if loose snow were to fall it could obstruct the drivers vision, or fall onto the car behind and impact their ability to see.

Motorists could then be charged with “driving without due consideration” or “using a motor vehicle in a dangerous condition”, which may come with a fine costing up to £1,000.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts always advise drivers to fully wipe snow and ice from their roof and every window.

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