Drivers warned it ‘won’t be long’ until new MOT test changes are fitted in UK garages

MOT test: DVSA outline the changes made to the process

The DVSA revealed on Tuesday its intent on taking a more connected approach ina desperate bid to boost test efficiency and crack down on fraudulent testers. The technology will take out the need for MOT testers to input car information themselves with the tools directly issuing exam results.

Connected technology such as roller brake testers have already been installed at many garages but many are still yet to be fitted with the new software.

However, Eric Smith, MOT scheme manager at Kwikfit has exclusively told the updates are just around the corner.

He warns garages could be “moving forward” more quickly with the changes but said pieces would be updated when previous technology started to break.

Speaking to, he said: “I was quite amazed how many I’ve had to have connected since this started and in my view, I’d want to get them all in one [go].

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“But it’s like anything else, its cost isn’t it. Everywhere has got to think about their cost so you do it as and when you need to do it.

“I am a firm believer that we could be moving forward with all of these and I think it won’t be long.

“You’ve got to remember it’s every time you need to change a piece of kit and things don’t last forever.”

According to the DVSA, readings will not be able to be taken unless a vehicle is actually rolled onto the connected technology.

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This prevents drivers from scamming the system by receiving fake passes despite not turning up to garages.

KwikFit has also revealed some of the technology will be able to take an image of cars when they are on the testbed as proof they have gone for an exam.

Speaking to, Mr Smith added: “The average motorist which is an honest and concerned motorist will always look to go to the best.

“The issue is when you’re not the average motorist and you want something for nothing or you want a pass when it should be really failing.

“This connectivity, make no mistake, it really makes it very difficult for the unscrupulous testers because it takes that element out.

“You must remember as many complaints you get complaining that the car shouldn’t have failed, there are just as many complaints saying my car shouldn’t have passed.

“The majority of motorists just want the job done right.”

The DVSA has previously revealed it has conducted trials on connected technology for tools such as roller brake testers, emissions analysers, decelerometers and headlight testing.

In a major revelation, Mr Smith has also warned how the new MOT tests could even be used for second-hand car sales.

He said having a test done at a connected garage would add some “authenticity” to vehicles which could win over buyers.

He told “It’s logged better than it’s ever been logged before.

“If you go in for your MOT and get your emissions done, DVSA regulations is that you only need to keep a copy of the [petrol emissions] paperwork for three months and then it’s destroyed.

“At least with connected it’s in writing at DVSA forever in a day.

“So yes I think if you push DVSA to say look let’s give a certificate as well when you’ve been to a connected garage that would be wonderful.”

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