Drivers urged to use their mobile phones to save fuel this autumn

Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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With temperatures dropping and the cost of living crisis not showing any signs of slowing down thousands of motorists across Britain will look to save money. Luckily for them, motoring experts have now provided several fuel-saving tips that could make a difference. And, one of them involves using a mobile phone to reduce costs. 

Experts at Moneybarn have urged drivers to use their phones to access apps such as 

The app is extremely useful as it allows motorists to find the cheapest fuel in their area. 

Drivers can either access the website via a browser or download the app on their phones and have it readily available. 

All motorists then need to do is type in their postcode to see the nearest filling stations and their prices. 

The experts at Moneybarn stressed: “This is very useful as drivers will be able to find the cheapest garage for fuel prices near them.”

They added: “To save money on petrol and diesel we have to use less. This isn’t always possible when people need to drive to get to work, school and to live their lives.

“But there are a few things that everyone can do to keep the rate in which they get through their fuel down.”

Properly inflated tyres 

Drivers should make sure that their tyres are inflated properly. Properly inflated tyres will reduce the drag whilst driving and motorists will therefore use less fuel to move the car.

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Closing the windows 

At high speeds having the windows open can cause the car to drag, which means it will use more fuel to pull the car forward.

Keeping the aircon low

Aircon requires fuel to cool down the car, so drivers should use it only when necessary. When driving at lower speeds, motorists are urged to open their windows instead to cool down.

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Removing any extra weight from the car

Using the gears

Braking and accelerating progressively

Accelerating then slamming on the brakes uses a lot of fuel. Reading the road and keeping at a safe distance is more relaxing as well as more economical.

Car sharing

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