Drivers fined £100 for parking across two spaces in little known rule

Martin Lewis explains council and private company parking fines

Fines can range from £25 to £100 in public or private car parks with charges increasing if drivers refuse to pay. USwitch warns most pay and display car parks state vehicles must be left within the limits of a marked bay at all times.

This can also apply to residential parking bays where traffic wardens could police your car if this is just slightly outside your designated space.

Shopping centres and supermarkets aim to maximise the number of customers who can visit and could see taking up two spaces as an offence.

Drivers who believe they were unfairly penalised should check whether their space meets the minimum width.

Spaces must be a minimum of 1.62mm wide, measured from the edges of the white lines.

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If this space is considered too small legally, this could become your ground for appeal as to why you crossed into a second space.

Drivers with larger cars such as SUVs are more likely to break the rule and therefore hot with possible penalties.

Ben Smithson said drivers did often pick up “bad habits” while driving with many not aware how dangerous these may be,

He said: “It’s not uncommon for drivers to pick up bad habits on the road, even if they have been driving for years.

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However many are unaware that they could be illegal and dangerous.

The RAC has confirmed drivers should make sure their car is parked within the bays at all times.

They added operators are known to issue tickets to motorists who have peaked over the lines of their space.

But there are fears drivers are not aware of the little known rule and could be caught out by the simple charge.

Despite this police officers are enforcing the charge with a range of motorists being caught out by the penalty over the past few years.

Last year, a driver was fined £100 after parking across two bays in a completely empty car park while he popped to get some cash-out.

Richy Dean said he left his car sprawled across two spaces because it was early in the morning and there was no one else around.

He admitted he left his car for just three minutes while he visited the ATM cash point but received a fine five days later.

Mr Deane said: “I was there less than three minutes and as you can see, the car park was empty and I was not obstructing anyone else from parking.

“I felt more safe withdrawing cash in the dark, parked somewhere I could jump straight out of the car, get my cash and drive straight off.”

In 2017, a disabled man was fined £70 after parking across two spaces to create enough room for him to safely leave his car.

Chris McQuire was left paralysed down one side after suffering a stroke and needed to create extra room after all the disabled parking spaces were taken.

Mr McQuire appealed the charge after claiming he had no choice but to park over the white lines to get in and out of his vehicle.

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