Drivers call for a ‘boycott’ of E10 petrol over ‘rip off’ price and fuel efficiency issues

Petrol prices: Howard Cox calls for cuts to fuel duty

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Frustrated drivers have taken to social media to express their anger at the fuel and the effect it is having on their vehicles. Problems have ranged from fuel economy issues to more serious issues like their engines “sputtering”.

One reader, using the nickname CYNIC, said: “Boycott E10.

“They [Government] will get the message.”

There were more complaints from Twitter users, including lunarcounsell who questioned why E5 and E10 prices had risen sharply last year.

They claimed: “Why is E5 petrol so expensive when it’s the same as before and now it’s reclassified as super unleaded which is a lie?

“Why are so many cars breaking down after switching to E10?”

E10 was introduced in September with the Government praising the environmental benefits which could be seen from the changes.

It is mixed with up to 10 percent ethanol, which could see massive reductions in the amount of emissions released when it is burnt.

Another Twitter user, Rob Marshall, called on greater transparency when it comes to fuel prices.

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They said: “Petrol stations are also ripping off the motorist by increasing the gap between standard E10 fuel and super unleaded.

“Why are they not compelled to have a set differential or display the price of both.”

This comes as the RAC accused petrol retailers of ripping off motorists by not passing on wholesale price cuts.

They estimated that drivers were being overcharged £5million per day in December.

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