Don't Get Stuck! Save Big on Fix-A-Flat Tire Sealant Today at Walmart and Amazon

We’ve all been stuck on the side of the road with a flat — it ain’t fun. Roadside tire changes aren’t hard for most of us, but there’s a simpler, easier way to get back on the road, fast. And that solution is currently almost half the price of what it normally costs.

Right now, you can take 37 percent off a can of Fix-A-Flat at Amazon. Normally $13.39, right now you can grab this amazing tire sealant right here for just $8.48. That’s a savings of almost five bucks.

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Not a fan of Amazon? That’s fine by us. Walmart has the same can of Fix-A-Flat marked down to just $7.42. Even though the price is lower, you don’t save quite as much dough. That’s because Walmart’s regular price ($10.80) is less than Amazon’s. No matter where you pick it up, though, the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got a veritable lifesaver stashed in the trunk is priceless.

That’s why Fix-A-Flat is so great. You just attach the nozzle to the offending tire’s valve and push the button. It seals punctures and gets you or your loved ones back on the road to someplace safe, where a permanent fix is waiting. Pick up a can for every car in the household. 

Oh, we know you’ve got a doughnut in reserve, just waiting to be pressed into service. But not everyone in your house is as handy as you. And we’ve all got better things to do than to change a tire on a hot and dusty (or wet and frigid) roadside shoulder.

Fix-A-Flat is a temporary stop-gap measure; you’ll need to get that puncture fixed right, or that tire replaced altogether, soon enough anyway. But how many times have you been late and arrived a mess because you’ve had to change a tire? Yeah, us too. It sucks.

So pick up a few cans of Fix-A-Flat today. Whether you prefer to shop at Walmart or Amazon, you’ll get a great deal. At these prices, you’ve got no excuse not to. 

Pick up a can for every car in the household at:

Amazon $8.48 (was $13.39)

Walmart $7.42 (was $10.80)


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