Dodge Challenger SUV Rendering Is So Wrong, It's Right

A gas-guzzling V8 or an all-electric powertrain?

While the Dodge Challenger Demon is not going back into production anytime soon, the other, more mainstream versions of the American muscle remain on sale. Not only that, but the two-door Dodge is actually enjoying strong sales and is still ahead of the Chevrolet Camaro in terms of deliveries from the beginning of this year through the end of March. We don’t know what the future holds for the Challenger but reports say it could go hybrid in its next generation. And what if FCA ultimately decides to launch a Challenger-branded SUV?

Don’t worry – Dodge hasn’t hinted about such a possibility yet but that doesn’t mean there are zero chances of seeing it happen. With the automotive world being absolutely crazy about SUVs and crossovers these days, we won’t be super surprised if the nameplate appears on a lifted vehicle with a V8 engine. Is that a bad idea? Not necessarily.

Dodge Challenger SUV rendering
Dodge Challenger SUV rendering
Dodge Challenger SUV rendering

New renderings from our friends at propose an interesting design for a hypothetical Challenger SUV. The artists of the Russian online publication add two additional doors, a rear hatch, and some other tweaks to the body to better fit the lifted structure of the vehicle. Not all proportions are done right – the high-riding machine looks too tall and narrow, but don’t forget that these are unofficial fan virtual drawings.

With Ford already working on a Mustang-inspired SUV and Chevrolet possibly following suit at some point into the future, a Challenger-branded sport utility vehicle would probably make sense. We’d imagine it with a roaring V8 under the hood but a performance-oriented all-electric powertrain sounds more plausible considering the current market trends. Will it ever see the day of light? No one can really answer that question at the moment so we will have to wait. Until then, tell us what you think about this creation in the comments section below.

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