Classic cars using new E10 fuel are ‘at risk’ when being stored this winter

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Eric Collins, owner of Classic Car Mechanic Ltd said it would “take a while” for historic cars to be damaged if they are filled with the new petrol but it could be an issue for some drivers this year. He has urged road users to look into using additives with the new fuel to minimise any possible damages.

He said drivers could also consider draining their fuel tank under some circumstances.

When asked whether leaving E10 fuel in a tank could lead to issues and damage to vehicles over Christmas, Mr Collins replied it could be an issue.

Speaking to, he said: “It would take a while. But yes I mean it is a risk.

“I think it is then worth putting some of these stabiliser additives in with it, particularly if it is being stood for a while.

“Potentially, depending on how long it’s in there for, it’s probably worth draining the fuel and putting fresh in when you come to use it again.

“But it’s not a good idea to leave it empty as that is also a problem.

“That would probably be my advice.

“If it’s three or four months put an additive in and it will probably be ok.

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“It probably would be ok as it stabilises it.

“If it’s longer, six months, it’s worth draining the fuel and putting fresh in.

“Still using the additive but drain the fuel and put fresh in before using it.”

The warning comes weeks after the Historic and Classic Vehicle Alliance (HCVA) urged drivers against using E10 when storing a vehicle this winter.

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