China's Hozon Auto hiring country lead for Malaysia – RM68k CKD Thailand Neta V EV coming soon? –

What is Hozon Auto? It might seem like “just another” Chinese EV company but this one has concrete plans for our region. Many others do, we hear you say. Yes, but Hozon Auto has secured CKD local assembly rights in Thailand via Arun Plus, the EV subsidiary of Thai energy giant PTT.

The first product for Thailand is the Neta V. Launched there last month, the EV will be a CBU import from China for the first two years, before CKD production starts. Eventual exports to ASEAN using Thailand as a base has been mentioned by Hozon more than once, and Malaysia and Indonesia are also right-hand drive markets, like Thailand, making things easier.

‘Coming to Malaysia’ isn’t just speculation though. We found a recruitment ad by Hozon Auto on LinkedIn CN looking for an ‘International Senior Sales Manager’ for the Malaysian market. The job description sounds very much like a country head’s, and the candidate will have to oversee the development of sales and marketing for Malaysia, as well as appoint and oversee a local distributor, among other tasks.

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