Chevy Corvette Owner Films His Car As It Goes Up In Flames

This hurts to watch.

Cars do, from time to time, catch fire. The causes are often various, and once a vehicle is on fire, extinguishing it can be difficult. Modern vehicles are filled with fluids, fabrics, and other flammable materials. One 2014 Chevy Corvette owner discovered just how difficult it is to put out a car fire when his own car became engulfed in flames.

The man began recording video of the fire after he got out, though it sounds like he had difficulty getting out of the vehicle. It’s not clear if the fire hindered his escape. When the video begins, the Corvette is engulfed in flames that are pouring out of the cabin. The footage cuts several times showing the fire’s progression from the cabin to the rear of the vehicle. There are pops and crackles and flames shooting into the air as various fluids and chemicals combust.

By the time the fire department arrives, the Corvette is fully engulfed with flames sprouting from the entirety of the vehicle. You can see sparks fly into the air when firefighters begin to extinguish the fire. Here, the video cuts several times, showing the firefighters’ slow progress at beating back the flames. According to the car’s owner, a fuel leak continued to fuel the fire.

Eventually, the firefighters extinguish the flames, and the owner gets closer to inspect the damage. The vehicle is a total loss with the driver front fender gone. The interior is gutted as well. A tow truck arrives to take the burned Chevy away, and once they pull it onto the flatbed, firefighters then scrape up the remaining bits of the charred Corvette with a shovel.

The owner doesn’t explain what led up to the fire. However, he did mention he’d make another video detailing the events. While it’s sad to see someone’s car get destroyed, we’re thankful it appears no one was hurt in the incident. As the owner says, you can replace a car, but it doesn’t hurt any less.

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