Chesil E Speedster Is Your Next Electric Porsche 356 Electric Kit Car

This is the first product after Westfield bought Chesil.

Nowadays, with running restrictions to cars in many cities, even mainstream manufacturers are willing to convert their classics into EVs. Jaguar, for example. But what if you could buy a classic that is already electric? Or build it yourself? This is what the Chesil Motor Company intends to offer with its new E Speedster. Or, better saying, what Westfield Sportscars wants you to have.

The explanation for that is that Westfield recently bought Chesil, announcing the purchase on July 26. The first product to be offered under new management is precisely the electric kit car based on the Porsche 356.

The E Speedster has been presented for the first time at the 2019 Silverstone Classic event and Chesil did not get very deep into its technical specifications, but it plans to offer cars for press evaluation from September onwards.

The regular Speedster uses VW Beetle components and chassis and a glass-reinforced plastic body. The electric kit car, which will be also available as a turn-key, will probably have the same structure unless Chesil developed a new tubular frame for it, which is not very likely. We’ll get in touch with Chesil to have more info on the car.

While purists will probably ask if a Jaguar E-Type could ever be considered as such without the six-cylinder noise and the gas smell, practicality will probably leave them speaking alone. A Porsche 356 replica can go even further and claim it was originally conceived to be electric in the first place. What is very true, apart from the classic’s good looks, which were indeed borrowed from a gas vehicle.

Would you consider buying a 356 that spends no time on a gas station? How big would its battery pack need to be? Would you require a more modern rear suspension? What about the motor? 

Since the specs have not been revealed yet, Chesil may take your ideas into consideration. Keep nothing to yourself and share with us what you would like the E Speedster to be. Especially having in mind that the kit car will also be exported. These ones will just be made at the Westfield factory instead of at Chesil’s, according to Autocar.

Source: Autocar

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