CES 2020: BMW, Samsung Unveil World’s First Commercialised 5G TCU

BMW and Samsung showcased new approaches to creating the mobility experiences of the future with the world’s first commercialised 5G Telematics Control Unit. BMW announced that 2021’s BMW iNEXT will be the first car in the world to be equipped with 5G technology from Samsung and Harman. The two companies have long served as a development partner to the BMW Group. Samsung and HARMAN showcased core automotive technologies including: ADAS, AI, semiconductors, memory, batteries, user interface, car audio, driver experiences, and 5G.

The 5G-capable TCU brings together some of these key technologies and links external networks to onboard electronics systems and provides essential, real-time information to drivers in a range of road situations. Some of the key capabilities include downloading high-resolution HD maps in real-time and V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) to deliver risk assessment and blind spot information to the driver. In addition, Samsung showcased its new conformal antenna technology, which can be integrated with the 5G-ready TCU, providing a replacement for the conventional external car shark-fin antenna, and supporting stable network connections.

Klaus Frolich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development said, “In 2021 we will launch the BMW iNEXT, the world’s first car with Samsung’s 5G technology, and we look forward to spreading this over the whole portfolio. Together, we can seamlessly connect the car to the world of our customers and beyond.”

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