Car insurance costs suffer ‘big impact’ due to job title as customers can save £100 today

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Car insurance customers could save as much as £103 by making the simple change which could be vital for motorists struggling after the coronavirus pandemic. Experts at have warned that a job title is one of the “main pieces” of information that insurers use to work out the price you pay.

Your career, therefore, has a “big impact” on your agreement and motorists should choose what they out down carefully,

Although drivers cannot lie on an agreement through fear of evaluating a policy, using different terms to describe a job can make a major difference.

Experts at the frim reveal simply describing yourself as a builder instead of a bricklayer can see costs fall by triple figures. also revealed a range of other careers such as teaching also allows drivers to make simple changes for maximum rewards.

A spokesperson says: “Your job title is one of the main pieces of information that insurers use to calculate your premium and can have a big impact on the price you pay.

“This means that if you’re a professional footballer you’ll, unfortunately, be stuck with higher premiums than a teacher. However, as you’ll normally pick your occupation from a list, for some jobs, there may be more than one title that describes what you do.

“For instance, in one example we found the average quote for a ‘bricklayer’ was as much as £103 higher than that of a ‘builder’, whereas an ’office administrator’ could pay £41 less than an ‘office manager’.

“Other occupations that have a wide variety of similar options include building and construction, teaching, catering and journalism.”

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According to MoneySuperMarket, prices vary between job titles based on a range of historical accident data.

If drivers with one particular job have a history of a range of serious accidents these motorists will likely pay more.

Analysis from MoneySuperMarket revealed that exam invigilators enjoyed the cheapest car insurance costs on average.

Drivers with this one job paid an average of just £252 per year for cover. This was followed by newspaper delivery drivers who paid £268 and retired drivers on £270.

Meanwhile, the firm found that professional footballers paid the highest rate of cover with an average cost of almost £2,000.

Fast food delivery drivers were the third-highest with average prices at a massive £1,291 each year. has warned drivers without a full-time job to also look at other ways they can describe what they do to save money,

Saying that you do part-time work or that you are a student is likely to reduce premiums by more than simply saying you are unemployed.

MoneySuperMarket says cover for unemployed people is often higher as they are more likely to use their vehicles than other drivers.

Insurers believe that unemployed people are likely to be more distracted and therefore drive less carefully while drivers are less likely to keep their car fully maintained.

A spokesperson for said: “It’s not just those in full-time work that this applies to, for instance, if you’re a full-time parent, retired, a full-time student or a currently undertaking freelance work but not in full-time employment, be sure to state this to your insurer.

“The difference between these titles and ‘unemployed’ can be as much as £270.

“However, it’s important to be honest and accurate with your insurer, as lying on your policy could lead to your claim being rejected or your insurance cancelled.”

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