BYD Atto 4 – will the RHD BYD Seal be launched in Malaysia to fight the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3? –

We know that BYD electric cars are coming to Malaysia under the distributorship of Sime Darby Motors, and we know that the BYD e6 5-seater MPV and the BYD Atto 3 SUV will be the first two models that BYD Malaysia plans to sell. But what else is coming after that?

If we look at the product roadmap of BYD cars in other right hand drive countries, the answer is clearly this car right here, the BYD Atto 4. The Atto 4 is called the BYD Seal in China, and it’s a completely different animal compared to the Atto 3 and the e6.

You see, while the Atto 3 and e6 are expected to play in the RM200k and below market segment competing with cars like the Hyundai Kona Electric, BYD designed the Seal/Atto 4 to be a premium segment competitor that will take the fight to cars like the BMW i4 and the Tesla Model 3.

Unlike the Atto 3 and e6’s 400V electrical architecture, the Atto 4 uses a 800V electrical platform like higher end cars such as the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT. 800V is seen as the ‘newer’ way to build electric cars, and it will allow the Seal to achieve high charging speeds at high performance DC chargers.

We’re probably looking at RM250k-RM300k and above for an Atto 4 in Malaysia. As a comparison, brand new grey import Tesla Model 3 can usually start from RM289k, while the BMW i4 is priced from RM374k for the eDrive40 and RM415k for the M50.

The BYD Seal/Atto 4 measures 4,800 mm long x 1,875 mm wide x 1,460 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,920 mm. As you can see in the spec sheet above, In its most powerful dual motor AWD version, it is claimed to achieve a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 3.8 seconds with a maximum range of 650 km from its 82.5 kWh battery.

There is also a 700 km range model with a single 308 hp motor powered by the same 82.5 kWh battery. With one less motor than the AWD version, it hits 100 km/h in a slower, but still pretty quick 5.9 seconds. An entry level model features a smaller 61.4 kWh battery and hits 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds.

The BYD Seal/Atto 4 has been well-received in China, selling out 4 months of inventory in the first six hours of being opened for bookings back in May 2022. A launch in its first RHD market Australia is supposed to happen very soon. Would you go for a BYD Seal in Malaysia instead of the usual BMW or Mercedes-Benz models in its price range?

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