Britons unable to use cars as surge in demand leads to ‘significant waiting lists’ for MOT

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Drivers could be left “unable to use their vehicle” from the end of October as demand soars leaving many unable to get a new test certificate. Experts at car safety firm Fixter have warned road users to face a “race against the clock” to get the tests booked in before demand overtakes availability.

They warn that the current backlog was just the start of the problem with further issues set to hit garages over the next month.

Limvirak Chea, CEO and co-founder of Fixter said: “The backlog of vehicles for MOTs is having significant implications on garages, which comes as a result of the six-month Government Coronavirus extension.

“Following our study, we believe the current backlog is just the start, and that significant waiting lists are yet to come from October onwards.

“As a result, UK consumers are facing a race against the clock to get their MOTs booked-in now, to avoid significant waiting lists, resulting in them potentially unable to use their vehicle.”

A new study conducted by Fixter revealed that 75 percent of garages were experiencing a surge in demand for tests across October, November and December.

A massive 45 percent of garages have admitted that they need to make customers wait longer than usual to book their car in for a test.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of garages have experienced issues with increasing costs as well as delivery issues of key parts.

This is because they have stocked up with extra tools to ensure they are prepared to deal with the sheer number of vehicles they may need to deal with.

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Mr Chea added: “‘We noted during the first wave of the Coronavirus outbreak, in which we had our busiest ever week in March, how customers see their vehicle as a key part of their armoury to protect themselves and their families.

“With the country now seeing a rise in cases, we are urging UK car owners and fleet managers to book their cars in now to sidestep the MOT backlog issue.

“[This is] so that they can keep mobile in the safety of their own vehicle, as well as avoiding any future inflation in pricing.”

Data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has revealed that 9.58 million vehicles received an exception under the scheme

However, a massive 58 percent of road users are still yet to have their MOT test resulting in a severe backlog.

In a normal year, approximately 6.5million MOT tests expired across October, November and December but this has dramatically soared.

It is now predicted that there will be a massive 10.8milion tests due over the next three months in a major 58.9 percent increase.

With the MOT extension period coming to an end in August, any driver who fails to get their test booked in will be unable to legally drive their car.

Fixter says anyone breaking the rules risks invalidating their car insurance and facing heavy charges.

Being caught without a valid MOT certificate will see drivers cars to be considered in a roadworthy and dangerous condition

Offenders can face a £2,500 fine and be issued up to three penalty points on their licence in a major blow.

Mr Chea said: “Turning a blind eye to your MOT certificate is not an alternative option for motorists, as it carries a significant financial and legal burden, resulting in costs associated with fines and repairs, a scenario given the current economic climate, all UK car owners will be looking to avoid.’’

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