Audi USA To Unveil New Avant Model Later Today

What could it be? Our money is on the RS4 Avant or RS6 Avant.

All aboard the hype train! Avants are finally returning to the United States, according to this new sort-of teaser published by Audi USA on Facebook. This nostalgia-filled video with a poster of the Audi Quattro at Pikes Peak right next to another poster depicting an Audi 80 Avant (B4) shows a kid enjoying some TV, an old-school CRT in typical 1990s fashion hooked up to a SNES.

The fast wagon depicted in the video is none other than the very first RS model from Audi, the mighty RS2 Avant co-developed with Porsche and based on the aforementioned Audi 80 Avant B4. The video ends with Audi USA announcing an 8-20-19 reveal of a new Avant model, so we’re merely a few hours away from finding out which long-roof model will join the A4 Allroad in the brand’s U.S. wagon portfolio.

There are two plausible scenarios: RS4 Avant or RS6 Avant. The former because the RS4 Avant is a direct successor of the RS2 Avant featured in this clip, while the latter has already been teased by Audi Germany. If the smaller of the two speedy wagons is indeed coming to North America, logic tells us it will be the yet-to-be-unveiled facelifted version to follow the recently refreshed A4/S4 Avant models.

If Audi USA is getting the RS6 Avant, it will obviously be the next-gen model we’re expecting to see really soon as the company has announced plans to debut a total of six RS-badged cars by the end of the year.

Needless to say, an ideal scenario would be for Audi USA to bring both RS Avants, but we’re probably asking for too much. did get in touch with a local representative of the Four Rings in an attempt to find out more about the possible return of the Avants to U.S., but the answer we got was rather elusive: “We have no info to provide, and [the RS6 Avant coming to the U.S.] is not confirmed yet.”

If you want to kill some time before the much-awaited debut, here’s how Audi USA teased the return of the Avant on social media in the last few days by showing some RS Avant forbidden fruits.

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