Audi to launch 30 new plug-in, electric models by 2025

Audi has announced that it will significantly accelerate its electrification game following an event which highlights key targets it plans to achieve by 2025. According to InsideEVs, part of the ambitious plan is to introduce over 30 new plug-in models, including 20 all-electric cars.

The move is expected to take up a share of 40% in Audi’s global sales by 2025, and to make it happen, the automaker will invest approximately 14 billion euros (RM65.5 billion) on electric mobility, digitalisation, and advanced autonomous driving.

Audi’s electrification game plan will see it cover every relevant market segment from the compact class to the full-size class. Some of these models will carry the brand’s traditional body styles, such as the Avant and Sportback. At least three of the BEVs will be based on the Volkswagen’s MEB platform, while the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) joint platform with Porsche will be deployed after 2020.

Moving forward, Audi’s plug-in hybrid line-up will be comprised of the Audi Q5 55 TFSI e quattro (two versions – comfort and performance, from Q3 2019), Audi A6 TFSI e (two versions – comfort and performance), Audi A7 Sportback TFSI e (two versions – comfort performance), and Audi A8 TFSI e.

As for full-electric models, expect the next e-tron model to be the e-tron Sportback (to debut soon, likely at Frankfurt in September), followed by the Q2 L e-tron (for China, also due this year), e-tron GT (late 2020), an A3-sized e-tron sedan (to be unveiled soon), and the Q4 e-tron concept (late 2020). Baseline models are said to come with fast charging with up to 150 kW and ample range suitable for long-distance journeys.

More exciting products will sit on the PPE platform that’s jointly developed by Audi and Porsche. Multiple high-volume models (B- through D-segments) with pure electric propulsion will be rolled out based on this architecture, which includes SUVs and sedans. A major strength of the PPE is that it was developed exclusively for electric drive. This offers advantages with respect to weight, the package and the proportions of the body. Thoughts on this, guys?

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