Audi smashes head-on into police car after 130mph chase

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According to police, the incident occurred yesterday, Wednesday, June 22, with the driver being chased across Bolton, before making their way onto the M61. The car was also reported as having cloned number plates. 

According to police, the car was spotted doing 130mph on the hard shoulder before it collided with a police car, head-on, on Smethurst Lane.

Manchester Evening News reports that the driver fled the scene, and a man was arrested a short time later. 

GMP Traffic tweeted: “This cloned Audi was pursued by #SRTTaskingTeam in Bolton today, having made its way across Bolton it was then driven over 130mph on the hard shoulder of the M61 before then colliding head-on with another police vehicle on Smethurst Lane, the driver fled on foot and was arrested.”

They later followed the tweet, posting last night: “Thomas Smethurst aged 21 years has tonight been charged with Dangerous Driving, driving whilst disqualified, failing to stop and driving with no insurance. He has been remanded in custody to appear at court in the morning.”

Responding to the tweet, users were shocked by the incident. Most were relieved that the police officers involved in the collision were alright. 

“Great result guys and hope the officers in the car he collided with are OK,” one user tweeted.

“Well done team,” said another. 

“What a mess. He is fortunate he didn’t kill anyone,” read another tweet. “We are all fortunate we have you to keep our roads safer. Well done. Just stay safe yourselves.”

Reacting to the story online, people also took to Manchester Evening News Facebook page to express their disbelief at the ‘dangerous driving’.

As one user wrote: “Hope he gets banned for a long time dangerous actions and should not be allowed back behind the wheel.”

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