‘As bad as drink driving!’ Driver has car seized after their heavy load caved the roof in

What changes are being made to the Highway Code?

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A motorist in Cambridgeshire was stopped by police while they were carrying a heavy load of bricks that caved in the car’s roof. In the end, the driver was reported for several offences and had their car taken away.

The alarmed officers struggled to see “anything right” with the car.

They added that the load was placed “in a position likely to cause danger”.

The incident took place in Ely, Cambridgeshire last weekend.

The car was spotted by officers on New Barns Road with a pallet of heavy goods strapped to the roof and no registration number on the front.

The driver was also reported for no insurance, dangerous driving, and “using a motor vehicle on a road with a load which was in a position likely to cause danger”, the police force said.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary initially took to Facebook to share the news.

Officers captioned their post: “Can anyone spot anything right with this car?”.

The line below said: “Us neither!”.

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Several people have taken to social media to express their views on the incident.

Writing underneath the original post, Alex Cavanagh said: “Well done officers. Don’t like to think what could have happened if that car had been allowed to continue.”

Chris Goodwin added: “More and more, I’m beginning to think if motorists had to pass an intelligence test, our roads would be a lot less congested.”

Michelle O’mahony commented: “How did they actually get it on the roof. Imagine if it had collapsed in the driver.”

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Some also saw humour in the situation.

Darren Green said: “Looks absolutely fine, best to make one journey rather than five especially with the cost of fuel.”

Wendy Ray added: “Just needs a new paint job…and wheels….and bonnets….and headlights…and a new roof rack that one looks a bit squashed.

“Apart from that I can’t see the issue.”

Jazelle Wright commented: “Is this real!? I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing, like I mean every single tiny detail of it all.”

While Linny Walker said: “Imagine if that driver had done an emergency stop.”

Others, however, pointed out how dangerous the driver’s stunt was.

Paul Churchill Becker said: “This was funny until I read the bit about no insurance.

“If he had hurt someone seriously there would be no compensation to help them if they couldn’t work.

“Driving without insurance is as bad as drink driving in my opinion.”

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