Are Electric Pickup Trucks The Future Or A Gimmick? (Video)

The electric Ford F-150’s recent 1 million pound pull has people asking lots of questions.

There has been a ton of talk as of late about the future of electric pickup trucks. People have been crazy excited over the upcoming Tesla electric truck for some time. Once Rivian came along and touted its R1T electric truck, the floodgates opened. To be honest, we’ve rarely seen such a popular topic on InsideEVs.

Fast-forward to more recently and Ford practically broke the internet with its video of an all-electric F-150 prototype towing 1 million pounds. Keep in mind, it’s not a typo, it wasn’t CGI, and it wasn’t fake. We saw a Tesla Model X tow a Boeing before, and we know all about the incredible torque of battery-electric vehicles. That was only 250,000 pounds, but it’s still compelling. How many trucks out there have a 250,000-pound tow rating?

This all brings us to a solid question. While it’s clear that electric trucks will have much to offer, are they really the future? Or, is this all just a gimmick that will eventually go away?

Check out the video for some in-depth discussion. Then, let us know your takeaways and opinions in the comment section below.

Video Description via TFLnow on YouTube:

Electric Trucks Will BEAT Gas And Diesel Pickups! | No, You’re Wrong! Ep. 10

( ) We’re used to conventional truck with monstrous torque figures. With electric trucks just around the corner, we may be at the tip of the iceberg. Andre and Nathan discuss the pros and cons of electric trucks from Ford, Rivian, Bollinger and others.


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