Already Over 195,000 Plug-In Cars Were Sold In Europe This Year

Sales chart with top countries in Western Europe reveals the growing advantage of Germany and proportions of BEVs to PHEVs.

Germany strengthens in the first place of plug-in electric car sales in Europe (close to 40,000 during the first five months) ahead of Norway (around 35,000). With huge additional potential of growth, we assume that since taking the lead, Germany will stay #1.

The latest registration data, compiled by the industry analyst Matthias Schmidt ( reveals also that two countries – France (around 22,500) and the UK (around 22,000) are close to each other for third place. Similarly, the Netherlands and Sweden compete for fifth (both above 15,000).

So far this year, out of 195,700 plug-in passenger cars registered in Western Europe, 64.9% were all-electric, and 35.1% were plug-in hybrids. PHEVs sell better than BEVs in the UK, Sweden, Finland and Belgium.

The proportions are expected to change with a new wave of plug-in hybrids, with higher all-electric range, although there are also new BEVs in the pipeline, so we guess over 50% will stay all-electric.

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