Allego Orderes 90 Efacec 350 kW Ultra-Fast Chargers

Allego is building the ultra-fast charging network in Central Europe.

Efacec, one of the major fast charger manufacturers, was recently selected by European charging network Allego to supply 90 ultra-fast charging station rated for 350 kW.

The Efacec HV350 chargers will be installed in Germany and the Netherlands over the next two years by a consortium led by Allego.

Ângelo Ramalho, CEO of Efacec said::

“This new agreement with Allego is an important milestone for Efacec. Not only this agreement consolidates our position as Allego’s largest supplier of chargers for EV as it underlines Efacec’s investment on innovation and product development, which allows us to deliver the best and most modern products according to the specifications requested by our customers. Efacec as a brand continues to be consolidated in the main European markets. This is a key point to our development strategy, which points out Central and Northern Europe regions as strategic places in order to continuing a growth path in the electric mobility market.”

Source: Green Car Congress,

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