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With more companies transitioning to the work-from-home culture, more people are finding themselves spending far less time behind the wheel. But wait a minute. Wouldn’t it be nice to pay less on insurance premiums, since you’re not clocking as much mileage as before?

Well, that is exactly what Etiqa’s innovative ‘Drive Less Save More’ add-on is designed to be. It is tailored specifically to provide rebates as high as 30% on your insurance premiums, depending on how much you drive.

The rebates are split into three tiers, and are calculated on a daily basis, as a percentage of your basic premium or contribution (excluding No Claim Discount).

Found yourself driving over 28 km? That’s okay, you’re still in Tier 3 (29 to 42 km), which gives you a daily rebate rate of 0.027%. The beauty of this insurance plan is that you are guaranteed to benefit from the daily rebates, so you are not tied to a fixed mileage every day. Drive less today, save more today. You can drive a bit more tomorrow, but there’s still Tier 2 and 3 to fall back on.

What’s great is that you can claim as many times as you want and anytime throughout the policy year!

The Drive Less Save More add-on is available when purchasing new or renewing car insurance. To qualify for the rebates, all you have to do is just submit a photo of your vehicle number plate, as well as a photo of your odometer via the Etiqa Smile mobile app.

You can upload your odometer reading as often as you like, with a minimum gap of 10 days between uploads in order to obtain the rebates. The odometer reading will be used to determine the mileage driven and to calculate the corresponding rebate amount.

Upon expiration of your Car Insurance plan, you will need to submit a final photo of your car’s odometer reading. Don’t worry, Etiqa will issue a reminder via SMS three days prior to the expiration date. Small effort for big savings, right?

So, the less you drive, the more you gain. Simply select the Drive Less Save More add-on at no extra cost when you sign up for your Etiqa Car Insurance plan. You may contact your Etiqa General Insurance agents or click here for more information.

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