‘Absolute Rubbish!’ British drivers slam new driving laws coming into effect this month

What changes are being made to the Highway Code?

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Several driving law changes have been implemented by the Government at the beginning of this month. The new rules affect local councils, electric vehicles, and clean air zones. However, not everyone is happy with the changes with some British motorists calling them “absolute rubbish”.

Local councils across the UK now have the powers to fine drivers for common traffic offences such as stopping in a yellow box junction or driving in a bus lane.

From June 1, the Department of Transport (DfT) has begun accepting applications from councils to issue punishments for moving traffic offences.

Once accepted, the councils will have full power to issue fines.

Another change involves electric car home chargers.

Starting on June 15, all new-built houses and buildings will need to have an electric charger installed.

On top of that, any new residential buildings with parking will need to have access to a charging point.

Under the new law, buildings will require huge renovations to install the EV chargers if they have more than 10 parking spaces.

Additionally, any building that possesses an EV charger will be required to ensure they have smart charging capabilities.

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The last driving law change involves clean air zones.

While there is no exact date, several clean air zones could soon be introduced in cities and towns across the UK.

However, hundreds of motorists have flocked to the comments section to express their disapproval with the new laws.

One Express.co.uk reader named JBRJBR said: “This Government is determined to lose as many votes as they possibly can.

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“I shall be voting for Reform UK, the only remaining truly conservative party.”

Danny Watson added: “Councils don’t even have the time to empty bins, but you can bet your life they will be sat behind a vast array of cameras spying on the motorists.”

Another reader, Stargazer1010, commented: “Smart Electric Cars, Smart Meters, Smart Charging points, NO ELECTRICITY.

“High cost of cars. And other Taxes. NO, FOOD WILL BE THE PRIORITY.”

Suade added: “Another plan very badly thought through but what you expect from parliament these days. No experience and no idea.”

While Tiddler said: “Change the law so that political parties have to stick to the letter of their manifesto. This lot have let us all down big time.”

Another reader with the username Pange63y commented: “There will never be enough electricity for this all-electric policy unless they go back to nuclear power plants.

“People will be rationed on their electricity next and fined if they break the rules.

“Just another way to make the elite control the poor and make them even poorer. The writing is on the wall people!”

TarquinFarquar added: “A boom time for bailiffs while the rest of us struggle to get by.

“Is the Government trying to foment anarchy when motorists are pushed to the limit and say no more and refuse to pay these charges, which are a VAT fraud anyway if you look into it?”

Several other readers banded the rules as “absolutely rubbish” and claimed that they would not pay the new fines even if they received them.

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