2020 BMW 1 Series M135i Photoshop Redesign Dials Down The Grille

The smiling fascia is gone, too.

The new BMW 1 Series is out, and it is indeed a new vehicle from the ground up. Hoping to take a bite from competitors in the compact hatchback segment, engineers steered the car towards mainstream acceptance buy switching to a front-wheel-drive platform. While that transition might upset BMW purists, ace Photoshopper and car design guru Marouane Bembli – better known as The Sketch Monkey on YouTube – believes the 1 Series looks too mainstream as well. Indeed, glimpses of the hatchback wearing the face of a Ford and Kia are shockingly lifelike, suggesting the BMW’s new look up front with all its angles and contrasting lines is indeed rather mainstream – not to mention very busy.

Get To Know The New 1 Series:

Aside from that, the video highlights the smiling lower vent that stretches unbroken across the entire fascia. It’s the biggest problem in Bembli’s eyes, because BMW’s aren’t supposed to smile and frankly, he has a point. Other issues are the angled headlights and the kidney grille, which is larger and connected on the new 1 Series as compared to the previous model. He sets out to correct those issues, too.

BMW just revealed the new 1 Series, which is aimed squarely at Mercedes-Benz and the nearly-as-new A-Class. By switching to front-wheel drive, engineers were able to shrink the car’s exterior dimensions ever-so-slightly while offering more interior space. The car also offers an all-wheel-drive option with range-topping versions getting a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder generating 302 horsepower – exactly the same as you’ll find on a Mercedes-AMG A35. It certainly appears BMW is stepping towards a more mainstream market, and honestly, we can’t blame them.

More Masterpieces From The Sketch Monkey:

As for this digital facelift, we didn’t have a huge problem with the original look but wiping out all those mismatched angles and strange lines does have a positive impact. Shrinking the kidney grille a bit and separating the sections also feels right, as do the headlights with more of a horizontal orientation.

Do you think The Sketch Monkey’s quick photoshop facelift is an improvement? Tell us about it below.

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