1972: J.C. Whitney offers comprehensive selection of penny-pincher hubcaps

I’m betting these covers didn’t stay attached for long.

Just the thing for your ’64 Rambler American.

Chrome Cone Style.

The Magnificent Mags had “Grand Prix Nuts,” whatever that was.

These faux-wires don’t look so convincing up close.

Pretty similar to the factory hubcaps on the ’64 GTO.

Hard to choose!

The Vega cap has a V logo in the center. No P logo on the Pinto cap.

The Toronado was a very prestigious car in 1972.

You can still get this type of “stock copy” wheel cover today, though probably not for a ’55 Plymouth.

Chicago’s J.C. Whitney has been around for 104 years now, though most of its business today happens online. Back in the printed-catalog era, the J.C. Whitney catalog was the source for parts and accessories (or just a way to flip pages and dream about future projects), offering everything from engine-swap adapters to hood scoops to hop-up parts for your air-cooled Volkswagen. Back in 1972, when wheel covers were sufficiently valuable that thieves stole them, J.C. Whitney’s catalog had a big selection of aspirational hubcaps, including copies of Mustang and GTO covers and the phoniest-looking “wire wheels” we’ve ever seen. Here’s a selection.

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