VIDEO: RON100 versus RON95 in Malaysia – can Petron Blaze100 fuel provide more hp and torque?

So, you’re gathered at the mamak with your friends when “expert number one” mentions that you should use a fuel with a higher RON rating for your car because it provides better performance. At the same time, “expert number two” says this is utter hearsay, and you don’t need to pay the price premium. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

We’re not excepted from such discussions/arguments, and to shed light on the topic, we decided to carry out a little experiment involving a variety of vehicles, including cars and bikes, which should cover about 95% of all new vehicles in the country.

To do so, we compared the effects of using Petron Blaze100 against Blaze95. The former is the first and only high-performance RON 100 fuel in the market today, and is manufactured locally at Petron’s own refinery in Port Dickson.

As for the vehicles used, we brought in a Mazda 2 to represent a typical city car, while for larger family cars, there’s the popular Proton X70. Moving on, we have the Mercedes-Benz C 300 (premium segment), Peugeot 208 GTi (performance hatchback) and Toyota 86 (sports car), while bikes used are the Honda CB250R and Triumph Street Triple 765 RS.

With a mix of naturally-aspirated and turbocharged engines, we ran dyno tests on all the vehicles using both Petron Blaze100 and Blaze95 to compare the horsepower and torque gains/losses with each fuel. After compiling the data, we’re presenting the results to you in this informative video, so sit back and enjoy.

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