A police permit is not permission to hold a motorsports event in Malaysia, says MAM – paultan.org

After the recent tragedy in Pasir Salak, Perak, where a spectator was killed while watching a motorsports event, Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) president Tan Sri Mokhzani Mahathir has come out to say the approval process for local motorsports events is flawed.

Speaking at a motorsports event in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Mokhzani said the approval process needs to be improved and tightened, reports the Vibes.com. Mokhzani said MAM was not involved in the racing event in Pasir Salak as organisers did not get approval from the sports body which sanctions motorsports events in Malaysia.

Mokhzani explained if MAM sanctions an event, the safety of participants and spectators is prioritised, and the event will also be insured. Mokhzani added many motorsports events only get approval from the police but under the pretext of organising a gathering and not a motorsports activity.

paultan.org contacted a spokesperson from MAM to clarify the issue of a motorsports event application were informed the process requires two permits and one final approval. “Any motorsports event organiser needs to contact MAM and forward an application. There is a set of safety standards to be adhered to,” said the MAM spokesperson.

This will be the permit to hold a motorsports event which comes with the assurance there is insurance for the event. In addition to this, a police permit must be obtained to hold a public gathering. The application is then forwarded to the Sports Commissioner’s Office of Malaysia for final approval.

“If any party does not approve the permit then the event cannot be held, or if held, be deemed illegal,” said our source, “which means if anything happens, the liability is on the organiser.” Touching on a list of approved motorsports venues circulating in Malaysian motoring media, the MAM spokesperson said, “yes, that list is correct but it is for 2022.”

“Approval for motorsports venues is given by MAM on a yearly renewable basis, and the inspection for 2023 only begins in mid-February to March,” our source said. The MAM spokesperson added if no major works are done to the venue in the interim the approval is usually carried over for 2023, provided all safety requirements are in place.

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